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Elkhart County has many options when it comes to parks and recreation. If you love being outdoors, there are parks with biking & hiking trails, tennis courts, boat & kayak launch pads, bird watching towers, and more.

Elkhart County is made up of 7 different cities: Elkhart, Goshen, Bristol, Middlebury, Nappanee, Wakarusa, and Millersburg.

Explore the parks in each city and you’ll never run out of things to do!

Below we’ve compiled a list of parks in Elkhart County so you can read about each one and learn more to help you decide how to plan your day spent at one of Elkhart’s parks.

Shanklin Park in Goshen is one of the favorites for children due to a massive playground the kids can run around on and they also offer the Millrace trail which is great for taking a walk / hike next to the river.

Bonneyville Mill Park

Bonneyville Mill Park in Elkhart County, offers 222 acres of rolling hills, woods, open meadows, and some marshland to explore. It’s a great park for watching birds, going for a run, hiking, or playing with your dog. The hours are seasonal with the park usually open from 10am to 5pm from April through November.

Location: 53373 County Road 131 Bristol, IN 46507

Oxbow Park

Oxbow Park is located off US 33 in Goshen on the edge of Elkhart (city), and is nestled along the Elkhart River, giving you the option of kayaking and fishing. There are countless trails to walk or go for a run and see the beauty of the park and be immersed in nature. There is a fee to enter the park during certain times of the year. Park hours may vary as well seasonally throughout the year.

Location: 23033 Co Rd 45, Goshen, IN 46528

Fiddler Pond Park & Trails

Fiddler Pond is a 100 acre park with 80 acres being a giant pond! There is a one mile walking trail that loops around the pond making it great for fitness fanatics and dog owners looking for a great spot to walk their pets. You can also kayak the pond and rent other water equipment to enjoy summer activities at Fiddler Pond. There is also a small pavilion with seating to relax in the shade as well as seating benches along the trail.

Location: 1424 East Lincolnway, Goshen, IN 46526

Shanklin Park

Shanklin Park is a great spot to take the kids due to the massive playground they can run around and enjoy. The park also features picnic tables for hosting birthday parties, a baseball field and public restrooms. You can also explore the walking trails that extend into downtown Goshen and are nestled next to the river for a scenic hike.

Location: 411 W Plymouth Ave, Goshen, IN 4652

McNaughton Park

McNaughton Park is located next to the St Joseph River and Elkhart Hospital in Elkhart, Indiana. It’s a popular spot for fishing and also has a boat launch if you want to boat or kayak the 9 mile long lower St Joseph River for the day. You’ll also find tennis courts at McNaughton Park and various picnic tables spread out in the park with grills for barbequing. One of the biggest attractions of McNaughton Park is the water park which is a popular spot to take the kids to cool off in the summer months.

Location: 701 Arcade Ave, Elkhart, IN 46514

Studebaker Park

Studebaker is a large park on the south side of the city of Elkhart, nestled alongside the Elkhart River. It features a variety of activity options for the family to participate in from basketball to soccer to tennis. They also have great fishing spots and a boat launch for kayaking. You’ll find several picnic tables, grills for outdoor cookouts and public restrooms making it a park that can host birthday celebrations. But the popular usage of the park is their walking trails for exploring Elkhart’s nature and the playground that kids can entertain themselves with.

Location: 1020 McDonald St, Elkhart, IN 46516

Walker Park

Walker Park is a one of the favorites in Elkhart. It has several acres of grassy land for throwing the frisbee, playing fetch with your dog, doing yoga, or reading a book and having a picnic. There is a sidewalk that loops around the park, making it a great walking park for people trying to get some fitness time in. There is also a popular playground that is relatively modern, offering newer equipment for kids to play on that you won’t find at older playground parks. Overall, it’s a great Elkhart park that offers many options to enjoy the outdoors.

Location: 3419 E. Bristol Street Elkhart, IN 46514

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